4 Gadgets You’ll Need If You Want To Work From The Library

When you work from home it can get a little boring. If the kids are in school and the wife’s at work you have to spend the whole day by yourself. It’s easy enough to call someone on Skype, but it’s definitely not the same as having other people around you. Stay at home by yourself for too long and you’ll start to go a little crazy. That’s why the library is always a great place to hang out. You get free Internet and it’s guaranteed to be quiet.

Rainbow of Books - 4 gadgets you need

The great thing about using the library as an office is the gadgets you get in there. It usually has a printer and scanner that always come in handy. You might even get a shredder so you can destroy your mail once you’ve read it. If you know it’s there you can throw your mail in your bag before you go, but you don’t want to bring it home. That’s all great, but sometimes you need more gadgets the library won’t provide. You don’t want to get down there and find yourself stuck, so let’s see what gadgets you should take with you.

Backup or risk everything

When you’re away from the office you really need to secure all your data. It’s easy enough to just forget about it, but when you’re left there with nothing because your computer crashed you’re going to be kicking yourself. You won’t be allowed to make noise in the library, so when you start jumping up and down screaming you will be escorted out. Don’t let it happen and the only way you can prevent that is by having a portable flash drive that saves everything. It’s also possible to save to the cloud, but take a small external flash drive just in case.

You can’t work in silence

You know how a library works. Most people are there to read or study and they don’t want some fool listening to his computer on full volume. That doesn’t mean you need to work in silence because there will be stuff you might need to listen to. Take a quality set of in-ear headphones and you can listen to anything as loud as you like. The most important thing is that nobody else can hear it. Even if you love working to loud rap music you can, just as long as you don’t annoy the lovely people sitting next to you.

USB cup warmer

There’s no doubt you’ll want to drink some coffee while you’re there. But when you’re working hard you don’t have time to run around topping it up. It’s not like a coffee shop where someone will look after you, and because you’re not at home you can’t just walk through to the kitchen. With a USB cup warmer you can keep your coffee hot while you are working hard. It means it will last longer and you have to get up a lot less that you normally would. Be honest with yourself: if you never had it you would get up every 5 minutes to get a new one from the machine, wouldn’t you?

A USB fan

In your own home it’s you that gets to make the rules. If you wanted to you could turn the temperature up to a hundred degrees. In the library it’s not your choice to make. When you’re working hard it can sometimes get a little hot. We all like to work in an environment that is comfortable. If it’s too cold we can put on a cardigan. It’s not like you can take off your t-shirt if it’s too hot. Take a USB fan with you and you don’t have to worry about being too hot again. Just plug it in and the nice breeze will make work a lot more productively.  

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