List of Best Mobile Chat Apps

There are quite a number of useful and interesting mobile chat apps. There are chat apps you can use and sync your social media accounts(Facebook, Twitter) to enable you chat on the go with your social networking friends.

Lets break up a bit of the most used and most preferred chat apps there are yet.

All best mobile chat apps

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All time fav chat Apps

  • EBUDDY: Ebuddy has always been one of my favorite chat apps, giving you the freedom to chat with your MSN, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! friends and co on your mobile phones, and also update your Facebook status by syncing your Facebook with your Ebuddy messenger. To download Ebuddy, go to GetJar with your mobile phone and search for “Ebuddy” in the search box.
  • MOZAT: The self acclaimed “mobile pinger“. I love this app ‘cos you can update all your favourite social media sites – Facebook, Twitter – and also your mozat status.
    You can also “ping” your friends as well as connect with leading social networking sites via chat all from this small but mighty application.
    You can download Mozat here.

  • NIMBUZZ: Nimbuzz is an old chat app for mobile that hasn’t lost it’s touch ‘cos of the superb quality service it renders. The only downside is it takes time to connect. You can download Nimbuzz here.
  • SHMESSENGER: Another cool app for hooking up with your mail pals(msn, gmail, yahoo) and your Facebook friends.
    Thing I don’t like about SMMessenger is the the connection time… It just keeps connecting for a lengthy period. You can get SHmessenger here, just insert “shmessenger”
    in the search box.
  • 2GO Messenger: Nigeria’s most popular chat app. This application is very nice as it compresses the data usage, thus making it speedy. 2GO is also very interactive and has rooms where you can socialise with different users to make it a nice an interactive experience.

    For those looking for how to reset their 2go password for free, you can checkout This post here.

  • WhatsApp: Got a qwerty keypad mobile??, an android phone or symbian phone?? Then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this splendid mobile messanger and pinger. :)

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